KB50008 - First time login into EnsureDR Management EDRM


  • EnsureDR Management (EDRM) login behavior after the first installation. 
  • Issues login into EnsureDR management
  • Forgot username or password



First time login: When you first time login to EDRM from any chrome based browser a one week token will be created and downloaded to your browser. It will let you auto login into the EDRM with the username and password you entered in the setup process. Only after saving your first job and a week passed, the token will be revoked and a login base window will be available to login into the EDRM.

EDRM supports any chromium based browser (chrome/edge)



First time login: In case you have not saved the first job, and a week passed since you first login into the EDRM, the token will be recreated and download again into your browser. A login screen will be available only after the first job is saved and the token is a week old or you login from a different browser or different PC.

Please use any chromium based browser (chrome/edge) 

Use the username and password you entered in the setup process to login into EDRM. You can register new users after you login into EDRM by pressing on the user icon on the top right corner of the EDRM screen.

If you forgot username or password please contact support for help.

For any questions please contact support@ensuredr.com