7. The Installation - EDRC installation

EDRC installation

To download EDRC setup click on the question mark in the right upper corner of the EDRM management web UI, and select download EDRC.

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Before continuing the installation, verify that the EDRM server we configured in the previous step is up and running. Log onto the EDRC server with the dedicated account you created as described in the prerequisites. Now, download EnsureDRController.exe and run it as an administrator inside the EDRC server.



A welcome screen will appear, click the Next button.



On the next screen, enter credentials that have administrator rights on the EDRC server. In case your EDRC server name is different from VMware vCenter, please update the VM name as registered inside the VMware vSphere. Now click the Next button.


Now enter the EDRM server name or IP address you set up in the previous task, then click the Next button.


Please review the License Agreement, then click the Next button



Now click the Install button and wait until the installation is finished.



The installation will begin and depending on the environment and specific components, it may take up to a few minutes to finish the installation.




Now press the Verify installation and exit button to finish the setup process. There is no need to restart the server after the installation is finished.