5. Active directory Prerequisites

Active Directory Prerequisites


The EDRM solutions have capabilities to do advanced tests inside your isolated network after you recovered servers to the DR site for testing and validation purpose. For successful testing, you will need a Domain Controller available inside an isolated network environment. This Domain Controller will be used from the EDRC server to resolve DNS names and validate credentials.


You can use your data mover to migrate and run the Domain Controller inside the isolated network. Another solution is to use the EnsureDR job to clone the preferred Domain Controller inside the bubble network. If you choose to clone the Domain Controller, it must be located at the DR site, and during the cloning process, the Domain Controller will be shut down to avoid any issues within your production network. Because of that, we suggest having a dedicated Domain Controller on the DR site that EnsureDR will be used inside the EnsureDR job. If this is the case and you choose to use a cloned Domain Controller, this server should be set as the primary DNS on the EDRC server.