6. The Installation - EDRM installation

Log on to the EDRM server with the dedicated account you created as described in the prerequisites. Download EnsureDRSetup.exe and run it as an administrator inside the EDRM server.



A welcome screen will appear, click the Next button




On the main screen, select your replication provider from the drop-down list.


A picture containing timeline

Description automatically generated


Enter the domain account username and password.



NOTE: This domain account must have local administrator rights on the EDRM server and will be used to run the services inside the server.


Leave the suggested installation path or click the Browser button to select a different path, then click the Next button.



Please review the License Agreement, then click the Next button.



Now click the Install button and wait until the installation is finished.



You may get the Windows ‘Unknown Publisher’ warning pop up, in this case, please click the Run button anyway.



The installation will begin and depending on the environment and specific components, it may take up to a few minutes to finish the installation.



As the installation ends, you will see the following screen. Please select the Copy to clipboard link to the EnsureDR WebUI from your EDRM server to your windows client workstation from where you can remotely access the EDRM. Now press the Verify installation and restart button to finish the setup process.


When the following message pops up, please click the Yes button to restart the server.