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EnsureDR is a leader in the area of Business Continuity and specifically, Disaster Recovery.  With EnsureDR’s state-of-the-art DR Platform, your entire DR site will be invoked automatically, and EnsureDR will run a testing plan on the machines in a secured and encapsulated way – from within the Network bubble. EnsureDR supports a variety of replication/backup vendors, tools, and solutions either in the Cloud or on-prem. It can be adapted to a host of different scenarios – from a workflow perspective, as well as testing perspective (for example – testing specific aspects of a machine).


EnsureDR will verify that the DR site is able to recover and will also provide data and tips – like how to fix issues that were found during the recovery process; so the customer could increase his recoverability using the tool. Once EnsureDR is installed, it can be scheduled to run automatically within the needed time window. The resulting report will provide the customer with the assurance that their recoverability is maintained. EnsureDR is proud to introduce EDRM – the latest product from the EnsureDR software labs.


EDRM is the evolution of the EnsureDR stand-alone application to a scalable, clustered environment that is centrally controlled via an advanced user interface, and capable of showing, managing, and running the entire suite of EnsureDR’s jobs and devices.


In this guide, we will take a step-by-step approach to walking you through how to install, use, and most importantly – how to leverage and enjoy EDRM’s advanced capabilities!





The EnsureDR team values feedback from our customers because it is important not only for customers but to us as well. It is our mission to listen and incorporate customer input into the build of products and design them based on their needs and suggestions.




In case you have any technical issues or questions, please access the EnsureDR support portal to open a case or send mail to support@ensuredr.com.


Online Documents


For online support, please visit our web pages where you can find more information regarding our platform.


Web site: https://www.ensuredr.com/

Documents: https://www.ensuredr.com/documents/

Support portal and knowledgebase: https://support.ensuredr.com/


About User Guide


This document provides information about the main features, installation, and use of EnsureDR. The document applies to version 4 and all subsequent versions.

You can download this manual in PDF format by clicking on the following link

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