9. Creating the basic job

Creating the basic job


Now that the EDRM and EDRC servers are installed and configured, we can open the browser and navigate to the https://your_EDRM_server_name.

The welcome screen will pop up, then click on the button Start Now to continue

Note: EnsureDR comes with a built-in out of the box trial license for customers to try EnsureDR in their environment or for environmental compatibility tests for new customers with a full license.

The job page is displayed and the trial license is selected. This is the first job available to start and the license cannot be updated with the full one inside this job. The number of servers inside the job is limited to ten devices and only a health test can be performed. Fill in all fields with data from your environment and the EDRM will validate them. If the environmental data can be validated, you will be able to click on the Next button, otherwise, fix an errors that the EDRM has detected and marked with red color.

On the next page, you can see any of the disabled settings that are available only with the full license, click on the Next button to continue

Please wait until the EDRM connects to the data mover and collects all of the groups you have created within it.

Select the desired group and click on the blue button to move the selected groups from the device list to the job selection list.

On the last page, you can enter an email address that the EDRM will use to send an offline HTML report after the job is finished. You can also set a schedule to run the recurrent job on a weekly basis. Click the Save & Run button to execute the job you created

Before running the job, please verify that you properly configured your data mover inside the bubble isolated network to avoid duplicate IP. The EDRM will not change or modify any data you configured inside your data mover. The EDRM will only run the job in test mode with settings you configured inside the data mover.


Click on the Save & Run button to save this basic job and start it.


The job was started, now please wait until it finished. The time need for a job to be executed through all of the steps can vary depending on equipment. This is the first job you created with the trial license and it only includes a health test which means only the Power On command will be executed against VM’s on the DR site by your data mover. Please wait until the job is finished, then click on the Full Report button. In our example, you can see that the health test was successful and inside the report, you can see animated pictures of every server included in the test as proof that the boot process started on all servers.